Little Larkers™ Classes in Idaho Falls

Welcome to Little Larkers™ in Idaho Falls!

Teach kids musicAbout Little Larkers™

Little Larkers™ is all about giving young children a solid musical foundation when it matters most.

Studies have shown that early musical experiences can provide lasting benefits that endure well past childhood.  An early familiarity with notes, rhythms, and the language of music aids in more naturally learning to sing or play an instrument successfully later on.

A child’s brain can develop faster by the repeated exposure to music and its complexities.  Connections are built that support the development of linguistic and reasoning abilities, leading to greater success during school years and throughout life.

Music has been shown to improve health by lowering stress hormone levels, which leads to better sleeping and higher immunity, as well as increased healing rates after surgery.

One study even demonstrated that senior citizens who have invested in musical training – even decades earlier – enjoyed greater cognitive clarity and freedom from mental degeneration than their non-musical peers.

Little Larkers™ hopes to make these music-initiated advantages available to families everywhere!


About the Instructor

My name is Erin Churchill, and the Little Larkers™ program is the result of a decade of experience teaching, both in the studio and in my home.

Having seen first hand how enjoyable and fruitful good music classes can be for young children, and feeling the desire to gift my own children with these advantages, I want to share that experience with other families everywhere.

I am very excited to have this opportunity to become a part of the Idaho Falls community, and offer these classes here!


About the Idaho Falls Classes

  • pg_logoLittle Larkers™ Classes are currently open to children from 1 to 4 years old, with one accompanying parent or guardian.  (Yes, we’ve expanded the age range to include children up to age 4!)
  • Classes will begin 12 January 2017, and space is limited!
  • Choose Thursdays @10:15 am, or Fridays @10:15 am.  Classes will run for 25 minutes.
  • Cost is $40/month per child, which includes materials.
  • Classes will be held at the PIANO GALLERY Music Superstore located at 2995 E 17th Street, Idaho Falls, ID  83406.
  • To Enroll, contact Rulon Leman, Manager of the Piano Gallery Music Academy, at 208-524-4420, or email

Weekly classes will include singing, rhythm, and movement activities.  They will also feature an ongoing introduction to the keyboard, rhythm instruments, familiar classical pieces, and common musical terminology and notation.

Children will be encouraged to absorb and explore at their own pace, being gently challenged as they grow in ability and understanding.

Class sizes are limited!  Reserve your spot today!